Islamabad Silk Logistics

Right from Islamabad, Silk Logistics provides its uncompromised road freight services, air cargo services, sea cargo services and Afghan Transit & trade services. Moreover, our services manage efficiently forwarding cross border trade, transport travel assistance Islamabad, cargo vessel, car import company Rawalpindi and containerized palletized forklifted impeccably.

We provide moving & storage services, silk shipping & forwarding services and shifting and relocation services that work inter-city, between cities and to other countries. We operate from Rawalpindi to Islamabad, Rawalpindi to Lahore, Rawalpindi to Karachi and from Islamabad to Lahore, Islamabad to Karachi and Islamabad to any other city in Pakistan.

Our hard line services make us apart from others and this is the reason we are the best Project Handling Company Rawalpindi.

Besides, we manage the following range of services:

• Moving & Storage Company Islamabad/Rawalpindi

• Cross Border Packers & Movers Rawalpindi

• Shipping & Freight Forwarding Islamabad

• Packing Moving And Storage

• Shifting And Relocation Rawalpindi

• Goods Transportation Rawalpindi, Bani Gala Wah Cantt

• International Relocation Clearing And Forwarding

• Ddp Ddu Fob Exw Shipment Handling

• Moving And Packing Support For Professionals And Diplomat Shipment

• Commercial Shipment Handling

• Project Handling