SILK LOGISTICS & SHIPPING is of the leading custom clearance companies in Pakistan. It provides custom clearance services for the shipments to the Pakistan either it by sea-ports, land borders or airports. We are custom clearing agent Islamabad Rawalpindi Lahore Multan Karachi. Find the most reliable custom clearing agent Islamabad, custom clearing agent Rawalpindi custom clearing agent Lahore and custom clearing agent Karachi Multan Pakistan. For custom clearance documentation assessment examination payment of custom duty paper work Pakistan.

We’re one of Pakistan’s most well-networked and experienced Customs Clearing Agents. Have 25 years of experience as custom clearing agency across many ports in Pakistan. Which is our confidence and assure our clients (household and commercial) of an effortless and efficient customs clearance in Multan.

We have dedicated team and an extensive knowledge of customs rules laws and procedures. We ensure you to perform the customs clearance very efficiently, effectively and expeditiously in the imports and exports shipments. As well as to ensure that they are delivered to your destination or warehouse in the Pakistan.

Custom Clearance Agency

We are an authorized clearing and forwarding agent in Pakistan and we seek to provide the best kind of custom clearance services as a custom clearance agent. Every business-man knows that there are several processes which go into the shipping of a shipment. Every country has a set of various rules and regulations and even requirements which it follow in order to clear shipment. We are the best custom clearing agent in Islamabad offer services at Islamabad dry-port.

Explaining, Custom Clearance is professional work which involves preparation and submission of shipment documentations which are compulsory as they are meant to facilitate the imports or the exports job in a country. Custom clearing agent is the person who does all the documentation also represents the importer or exporter during customs assessment, examination and during the time that the cargo is being delivered from the customs is called the Custom Clearance Agents or is Clearing Forwarding Agents.

Custom Clearing Agent

SILK Logistics and Shipping is the best Customs Clearing Agency. We are one of the leading customs clearing & forwarding agency in the whole Pakistan. We are rendering satisfactory and exemplary Custom Clearing Services in Imports and Exports for the commercial industrial and non-commercial sectors in Karachi Lahore Multan Pakistan.

Custom Clearance as custom Clearing Agent in Islamabad best custom clearing agency Rawalpindi Lahore Karachi Multan Pakistan

Besides as customs clearance company provide specialized services to our clients in Pakistan. We ensure seamless, convenient customs clearance procedures so that our customers can send receive their goods on time delivery. Obviously customs clearance possess prior experience and skills to smoothly carry out the necessary documentation, paperwork to alleviate the shipment. And we know import and export regulations for clearance. Handle consignment household furniture, consumer electronics, automobiles, textile products, chemicals and industrial equipment.

Besides we maintain customs paperwork documentation and other processes clear and transparent to deliver our clients with world-class customer service. Our customs clearance brokers handle all the import custom clearance procedures and efficiently assist the clients to clear the consignments by air, sea and land cross-border shipment in the least possible time so that they can focus on their core business.

In conclusion, professional custom clearing and forwarding agency at all sea-port like Karachi port Qasim port Gwader port in Pakistan. Best dry-port custom clearing like sost port Islamabad dry-port, Multan Dry-port, Lahore dry-port, Afghan border in Pakistan. Specialist in household shipment custom clearing agent which is importing or exporting. Best commercial, industrial shipment custom clearance and deliver at warehouse. Hence, professional custom clearing agency for TR Shipment custom clearing. Experienced Custom clearing agency for LCL, FCL Shipment custom clearance in Pakistan.